At the age of 57, Rod Skidmore started playing polo under the guidance of his friend and professional polo player, Eddy Martinez of Georgia. Martinez refused to accept payment for his lessons, and in an effort to return his generosity Rod decided to present him with a painting. Rod continued to paint gaining wide acclaim in polo circles, and in a short time received a commission from the President of Rolex Watch USA. No longer merely a hobby, Skidmore began focusing all of his energy on his artwork.

Rod Skidmores paintings capture the true essence of the sport of polo in scenes from play that put the viewer right in the midst of the game. I have been told by professional polo players that I accurately paint the game of polo. I suppose that comes from the fact that I did play a little, and I understand the interaction between horse and rider and positioning of players. Rod Skidmore has studied and painted jumpers and is now enjoying the creative flow that comes from the exploration of the subject. The same attention to detail is also true of his paintings of wildlife, landscapes and portraits.

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